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Past or Off-Season Sessions:

These are some of the sessions we've held in the past but for one reason or another have put them hold.

Want one of these sessions to return, or have a request for something new? Send us an email with your request:

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ladies jam

Location: Hibbard School Playground, 3244 W. Ainslie St. Chicago, Il 60625

When: TBA

Time: TBA

Cost: Free

Description: This one is just for the ladies. The Ladies Jam is an hour long experience in movement designed to ignite your youthful spirit. The sessions includes instruction of fundamental bodyweight exercises as well as fun and playful skills such pullovers, handstands and even monkey bars. Lastly, we end every session with a core workout. 

Go Infinite at IK Gymnastics

Location: IK Gymnastics, 2630 W Bradley Place (Gym A)

When: Wednesdays

Time: 8:00pm-9:30pm

Cost: $15 (paid on site only)

Class info:  (Adults 18+ class) Experienced, professional coaches instruct this gymnastics workout. The class incorporates strength and flexibility to help increase the skill level of every gymnast. 


Location: Bosen Martial Arts & Fitness, 4224 W. Belmont Chicago, Il 60641

When: TBA

Training Style: All levels bodyweight only training for real functional strength, stamina and flexibility. Learn the art of mastering your own body weight in safe progressive steps. Also, includes time to practice skills such as handstands, headstands, L-sit, and other advanced calisthenics movements and holds. 


When: TBA

Description: The Ninja Run is a fun experience that combines endurance, balance, coordination, and overcoming your fears! We start off running through the environment while making stops at various checkpoints along the way to perform pushing, pulling, balancing, jumping, climbing and other natural movements. You will learn to navigate efficiently over any obstacle and move like a ninja!