Unlock your optimal Being with Marcelino “the Infinite NInja”

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I truly believe in the power of working with a mentor or coach as it has helped me to completely transform on a physical, mental and emotional level. My goal is not to simply "train" you rather, I want help you develop a healthy sustainable lifestyle and unlock YOUR optimal being. 

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I take my coaching very seriously, and I truly want my clients to succeed and win big. I only work with people who I believe are ready and who want to transform in all areas of their well-being. If this is you, please fill out the form and let’s work!

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I treat everyone as a unique individual with unique needs. We'll start with a meeting to discuss and uncover your big goals as this will give us a destination and definite purpose to guide our training efforts. Once we know where we're going, we'll devise a strategic plan to get us there. Tell me your biggest goal no matter how ridiculous it may sound to the average person and we will attack without the fear of failure.

Personally, I went from an unfulfilling corporate sales job and being severely obese, to the best shape of my life and  a 2X competitor on American Ninja Warrior in less than 2 years. Read my full story here

Together we will get you out of that comfort zone and on the path to optimal health and happiness and unlocking your optimal being.