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Weekday Training Session


Our training consists of fundamental principles that teach or re-teach us how to run, jump, climb, swing, squat, crawl, push, pull, carry and throw. We explore the movements that help us to efficiently navigate through any environment or over any obstacle with flow and grace. Sessions take place outdoors, which enhances our ability to effectively move across any terrain.  It also allows us to stay connected with nature and enjoy the Chicago summer.

The weekday training sessions will follow a planned program geared towards preparing members for an obstacle course race. The workouts will help in developing stamina, strength, balance, agility and an overall a healthy body and mind. Although we want to prepare you to run an obstacle course race, the results may include improved health, fat loss, strength gain and greater mental clarity. So even those who do not plan to run in an obstacle race may benefit.

We’ll test everyone’s current fitness level, so we can develop a baseline to measure future results. Also, we will use a food journaling application to help keep our nutrition in order. The workouts will continue to be based around calisthenics and other fun and effective body weight movements. The best part of the sessions will be the community of supportive and positive spirits. We’ll keep each other motivated to stay on track and achieve our best!

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Weekday Training Session
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