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Optimal Human Training

  • First Ascent Climbing & Fitness 3516 North Spaulding Avenue Chicago, IL, 60618 United States (map)

Our Optimal Human training is fit for beginners to advanced athletes. It deftly weaves the best of calisthenics, parkour, obstacle, ninja warrior and more into one fun, creative, challenging journey through movement.

We JOLT you out of your comfort zone, and jump start a new you -- with an encouraging supportive team that helps you overcome fear and realize just how strong you really are. You'll leave reinvigorated and awakened - say "hello!" to some new muscles you never knew existed.

THIS IS NOT your typical gym experience

THIS IS NOT a calorie-counting regimen

THIS IS NOT a session of standing on scales to tally pounds lost and gained

THIS IS NOT a chore to dread


THIS IS life

THIS IS passion


THIS IS recreation

THIS IS movement

The Go Infinite Tribe lives through movement. So many of us, myself included, have lived and worked in environments that keep us unhealthy, inflexible and weak. The essence of Go Infinite is foundational movements proven effective since the days of Tarzan: pulling, pushing, bending, crawling, hanging, jumping and swinging. You'll love how you feel as you learn from the Go Infinite Tribe how to combine these movements together and efficiently navigate through physical and mental obstacles.

Join our Tribe every Saturday for a new challenge and obstacle course as you infinitely become a more Optimal Human!