Small Steps, Big Vision - How I created the plan that turned my biggest dream into reality.

As children we all dreamed about the amazing things we do "some day" when we grew up. But we eventually grew up and something bad happened, many of our dreams became watered down because society told us we have to be "realistic". Tragically, most of us are not living the life we truly wanted when we were kids, in our purest and most honest state. Instead we are living in the comfort zone, working or pursuing a "safe" job, and living a "normal" life.

Well, I don't believe this is how anyone really wants to live. I know we all have crazy dreams and my mission is to help people re-discover these dreams and make them a reality. If this sounds like you, then continue ahead as I map it all out for you. If you are happy being in the comfort zone, then STOP NOW AND DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER: MINDSHIFTING DANGER AHEAD!


How do we achieve our biggest dreams? First of all, we must know we really want in life, which I call having a vision or what Napolean Hill refers to as a definite purpose. If you are struggling to find direction and need help unlocking your vision, watch this video first to learn the methods that have helped me. If you already know what you want, continue reading.

Never downsize your dream, to fit someone else’s perception of you.

Knowing what we want is great, but now how do we get what we want? We do this by taking the dream out of our head and making it tangible. That means writing it down on paper (or typing it in a word document).  And do not be conservative here, we must make sure it is the biggest dream possible because if we aim low we get low. Aim as high a possible. Never downsize your dreams! - Side note: I prefer paper and pen, because it's been scientifically proven that the physical act of writing creates a deeper understanding and better memory versus typing.

Once we have written down our dream, we break it down into smaller steps called objectives and then into even smaller daily steps. These smaller steps are called tactics, we perform these to get us closer to the objectives, which in turn bring us closer to our big goal aka the dream.

Is this all making sense to you or do you need to see a real life example? Well, I have real life proof this works. Below is the exact plan I used to achieve my goal of competing on American Ninja Warrior.

Goal : Compete on American Ninja Warrior in spring of 2016

Objective 1.1: Build ninja-level grip strength, balance and muscular endurance

  • Tactic 1.1.1: Rock climb once a week at climbing gym or outdoor location

  • Tactic 1.1.2: Take Parkour class once a week and practice on my own twice a week

  • Tactic 1.1.3: Gauge progress by running courses at local obstacle

  • gyms once a month.

Objective 1.2: Create an incredible submission video by winter 2015 deadline

  • Tactic 1.2.1: Brainstorm ideas for storyline and presentation

  • Tactic 1.2.2: Compile footage of my ninja training and my story.

  • Tactic 1.2.2: Meet with video production crew to begin creating high quality video.

Now as you can see from my example: once our plan is completed, something magical happens. The crazy dream we always had in our head transforms into our reality, WTF!! Yes it is no longer just a dream, now what we actually have is a goal. It’s still a crazy-huge goal, but we no longer fear it because we know all we have to do is take the small steps aka daily tactics.

Everything becomes clear once we have a plan in place. The crazy mountain we once thought we could never climb has been reduced to little steps that we know we can easily conquer each day.

Knowing is not enough, we must apply.
— Bruce Lee

So now that you've learned the secrets of turning dreams into reality, what are you going to do? You can put this information into the back of your mental archives for a later date which may never come, or you can realize the urgency of this and take massive action and begin the process right now. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, I truly hope this information is useful and helps spark a massive shift in your life as it has done for mine. I know this works and I am happy to help you if you want further help with your specific goals. As a coach I can help you unlock your vision, create your plan and achieve your biggest dream. Connect with me for a free coaching call where we can discuss your goals and begin creating your plan for success. 

Much love and success to you all, 

Marcelino aka Infinite Ninja

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