October 10K16 Challenge

Quick Update: Before taking on the push-up challenge, make sure you are doing pre-hab exercises to avoid injuries such as shoulder Impingement, tendonitis and rotator cuff tear! This is a very common injury (it happened to me in 2016) for people who do a lot of push-ups and bench presses without doing things like external rotations and y-raises. I took on this challenge twice and suffered from shoulder impingement because I didn’t do enough shoulder stability and prehab exercises. If you don’t know what those are or how to do them I strongly suggest that you watch the Shoulder Health video to get all of the exercises and tips to stay healthy. GOOD LUCK FAM!

Original Post:

We are officially in the month of October, so let the madness begin. Inspired by my East Coast bar fam who tagged me on the 10,000 push-up challenge last year, I am doing it again. This time I'm adding a Ninja level upgrade thanks to Jason aka Chi-Town Ninja. Here are the details:

Ninja Level Upgrade:

  • 5,000 Pull-ups. For this I'll be using different grips as well including softballs, climbing holds and nunchucks to train or Ninja Warrior.

That's really it, go for 10K and do your best. Even if you don't hit 10K you'll be happy to say you were able to do more than you ever thought you could in a month. If you are feeling ninja add in the pull-ups.

Use hashtag #GOINFINITE to join the challenge. 

 Here's my daily numbers from last year. I started a day late but still made it to 10K. There were good days when I felt unstoppable getting over 1,000 reps and then there were also very bad days when I felt like quitting. This challenge is just as much mental as physical. You will question everything but my biggest pice of advice is just KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

-Infinite Ninja