2016 Resolutions: How to Overcome the Challenges and Stay on Track

We're just over two weeks into the new year and this is right about the time when we start to face the harsh reality of how hard it is to keep a New Years resolution. We are finding less time for working out and we are making more excuses for why we can't eat healthy. We know our health is the most important thing we have and without it we can't be the best version of ourselves, however we tend to put health down towards the lower end of our priority list. If we truly want to be our strongest & healthiest this year, we have to learn how to get over the daily hurdles that knock us off track.


The answer is simple: Challenges! What?? How can a challenge make life easier? Here's my take on it. By choosing to take on daily challenges, we can build up the strength to stay disciplined when life throws us a real obstacle we weren't expecting. It's like muscle memory, the more you do it the easier it becomes until its a part of you. For example, this month we took on the 14 Day Calisthenics Challenge. There was a specific exercise prescribed each day that we had to perform on video and then post to Instagram. Even though the clips were only 15 seconds, the entire time it took was far greater. There was usually some prep work that involved first learning and studying the movement, then came the warming up and finally was the actual performance. And for me, the performance was usually longer than 15 seconds especially when it was something I had never done before.

Ultimately, I ended up doing multiple sets of the challenge exercise plus some additional training since I was already warmed up. Even on days when I felt lazy or just totally forgot, I was reminded and/or motivated by posts from friends who were doing the challenge with me. That's another key to staying on track, having some good people to motivate you and hold you accountable. I highly suggest joining our Go Infinite Tribe, it's free and everyone in it is striving for greatness, so you'll get the support you need to reach your goals.

Challenges help us to focus our training by providing a distinct goal and usually a road map to get there. Whatever your goal or resolution is for 2016, I definitely recommend stepping out of the comfort zone and pushing yourself to stay on track with a daily, weekly, or monthly challenge.

OK you're convinced and you wanna take on a challenge... Here's a few challenges to get you to your destination of being healthy and fit in 2016:

30 Day Smoothie Challenge

14 Day Calisthenics Challenge

10,000 Push Ups

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Pushing for Greatness,

Marcelino Riley

Go Infinite Training Founder/Tribe Leader