The 1st Annual Chicago Pull Up Park Jam

We are not makers of history. We are made by history.
— Martin Luther King Jr.
   From Left:  Quincy "Q" France (Botherhood-CEO/Co-Founder), Lino (Go Infinite Tribe Leader/Founder), Keith Fields (PUPJ-CEO/Co-Founder)


From Left:  Quincy "Q" France (Botherhood-CEO/Co-Founder), Lino (Go Infinite Tribe Leader/Founder), Keith Fields (PUPJ-CEO/Co-Founder)

The Chicago community came out and represented well for the first ever event of its kind in the Windy City. On behalf of Pull Up Park Jam Inc. and the Go Infinite Tribe we just wanna say THANK YOU for helping to make this event a huge success. Chicago is officially on the map!!

We are not makers of history. We are made by it.

Our Chicago event is product of what Pull Up Park Jam (PUPJ) started 17 years ago. For over 15 years PUPJ has funded the New York event out-of-pocket but PUPJ is now a nonprofit and rely solely on our donations and sponsors to continue the mission of promoting health and fitness. Please support their cause by donating here

Big shout to Keith Fields CEO/Co-Founder of Pull Up Park Jam Inc for supporting us in bringing this monumental event to Chicago. Also, big thanks to Quincy “Q” France, the CEO/Co-Founder of the Brotherhood who has also been a huge support for us in this movement. Both of them flew in from New York to provide their guidance and expertise to the Chicago event. Without these two legends it could not have happened.

Another big thanks to the camera crew Raphie Reyes and JayEx of spekhaus for holding it down for the entire event. Raphie was the first-in and last-out, that's a real hustla right there. Video coming soon! Julius Collins of Hybrid Martial Arts for coming out with his crew. And can't forget the Go Infinite Tribe: Donna, Patrick, Marvin, Lee, Ted and Niko for all the help with keeping the event well organized and keeping us on track with the time.

Chicago to Set the Standard
Our goal is to organize and bring awareness of the bar culture to the Chicago community . With all of your help and efforts we can build something great and set the standard for performance and judging around the world. By focusing on maintaining strict form in our training, competing, and judging we can set ourselves apart from other cities and events. Strict form will help us maintain the integrity of the sport and culture we love. Although it has now grown to include freestyle and "street-workout", everything begins with fundamentals and that is essence of the Pull Up Park Jam's message of "Reppin the Basics."

Results & Rankings

Congrats to the MAXREPS Overall winner Q who came in from the Bronx to took home not one but 2 trophies!

Full results of the 1st ever Chicago Pull Up Park Jam can be found here. Find out how you finished and use this as a reference point for your training. Make sure to track your numbers, so you can see your progress and stay motivated. Check out our app recommendations for help with tracking your reps and creating a system.

What's Next?

Now we are back to training and focused on growing the community. There were a lot of strong individuals at the event and now we need to band together as to form the ultimate Chi-Town Tribe! We are hosting a monthly jam session with the next one planned for Saturday, October 24th. In the meantime we will be training at Harrison Park, Clarendon Playground and anywhere else we can get a great workout.

FitExpo is having their next MAXREPS for cash competition in LA on January 23rd & 24th. Q took top rankings in the Chicago FitExpo and will be traveling to LA to compete. I will be join them this time and we want you all to come compete with us! You have just over 3 months, and that's plenty time to get your reps up, #NoExcuses. LETS GET IT!!

Check the schedule for our monthly jam sessions, an EPIC calisthenics Competition at Grant Park in the Spring of 2016, and much more.

If you guys are training let us know where so we can meet up and push each other. Also, help support the movement by posting pics and tag us on instagram @go_infinite and like the Go Infinite Facebook.


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