October 10,000 Push-Up Challenge

A great way to kick start your training or just stay motivated to workout is to take on a challenge. Having a clearly defined goal is a great way to help you focus your training efforts.

For the month of October we will be focusing on a simple exercise that can be done Anywhere & Anytime....the PUSH-UP. It's a simple, yet very effective exercise that works multiple muscles and will leave you feeling and looking great. The October 10K challenge comes to us courtesy of Optimus P from the world famous Bartendaz.

The Goal: 10,000 reps in the month of October. You can perform them anyway you want. In fact, I recommend changing grips so you don't overwork any one muscle. Examples of different grips are wide, close, diamonds, incline, decline and modified. Even if a standard push-up is too difficult, most people can perform an incline push-up on the kitchen counter. #NoExcuses

Partner and Teams: Partnering up or even creating a team to combine reps for the 10K goal is allowed. In fact, it's usually easier to commit when you have a partner or team to support your efforts.

Break It Down: 10,000 reps equates to 333 reps per day. Now lets go a step further and break it down to an hourly rate. Look at it like a typical 8 hour work day and it comes out to 42reps and hour. If your doing this with a partner divide that workload in half which is 166reps/daily and 21reps/hour.

Tracking Apps: I just downloaded the Strong app for iPhone to track the reps. Its really simple and has a clean layout. Its free to download but I think it costs after a number of workouts. If you have any app recommendations they may be free or low cost tell us in the comments.

Results: Make sure to take a pic on Day 1 and another on the final day of the month as that will be the proof you completed the challenge. Post the pics in the comments and use hashtag #October10K Follow my progress on instagram @go_infinite and the Go Infinite FB page. Lastly, no shiny medals for this one, your prize is that you will be stronger and healthier than you were before, and you can say you did 10,000 push-ups in one month.


Go Infinite- Tribe Leader/Founder