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Founder and Tribe Leader

My personal mission is to teach and inspire people to achieve optimal health and pursue their passions. I have experienced the negative effects of not making health a priority in life and it is my goal to share my experience and show people how to take control of their own health.  Overall I believe proper nutrition, daily exercise, adequate sleep, meditation and practicing daily gratitude are the foundational principles to living an optimal life.

I have a passion for helping others discover the courage to take on any obstacle whether physical or mental. We all face obstacles on a daily basis, so it is necessary for us to train our bodies and minds on the methods for overcoming them.

My Training Style: The Truth is in the Youth

As an adult, I struggled to exercise consistently following the typical gym routines that include weights, restricting machines and cardio equipment. For me these methods were unnatural, boring and sometimes even led to injury. Exercise didn’t become a habit for me until a few years ago when I discovered calisthenics (bodyweight only training) while watching the Hannibal for King video on YouTube. I was immediately drawn to the idea of training outside in the park without the need of a gym or even weights. Seeing the amazing feats of strength such as human flags, muscle ups and front levers opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities I never knew existed.

I started calisthenics training and soon rediscovered the love for movement that I had as a child. Along my path I also discovered another form of bodyweight only training, Parkour. Combining these two forms helped me reconnect with my youthful spirit as I began to run, jump, crawl, swing and climb anywhere and anytime. Wanting to take my training to the next level,  I gave myself the goal of becoming an American Ninja Warrior and that's when I discovered the benefits of training with purpose. My life began to revolve around movement and from there Go Infinite (which is defined as movement without limits) was born!!

Overcoming Obstacles: How it all started for me

I grew up in the city of Chicago and developed a love for movement early on in life. As a child I was extremely active as many children are. I loved being outside and discovering new places to play in. I would often climb walls, and jump from garage rooftops.  Even when I was at home, my sister and I would create mini obstacle courses and race through the house. I found endless ways to move whether I was running, jumping, swinging, crawling or climbing on various objects.

As I grew up I noticed friends getting caught up in drugs and gangs, but I was able avoid most of it because I was addicted to movement and playing sports. In high school I was a standout football player, but I decided to quit after my senior year because I began getting severe daily headaches which I attributed to the constant high speed impacts that occurred in the sport.  Back then there were no concussion protocols and I know I suffered at least 3 during my time playing.

After high school the direction of my life completely changed. Putting my dreams of being a professional athlete behind me, I went on to study business in college and began working in retail. Without sports, I went from non-stop movement to living a completely sedentary lifestyle in my twenties. I also continued to suffer daily from the extremely painful headaches. After seeing a doctor for the pain, I was misdiagnosed with migraines. I was given migraine drugs which did little to ease the pain.  I had daily attacks lasting up to six weeks each year.

The Breaking Point

After more than ten years of these headache episodes, my health also became worse due to my sedentary lifestyle and a stressful sales job. I put on weight over the years to the point of being obese and the headache attacks became more frequent, more intense and the episodes lasted longer. The pain became so debilitating, I couldn't work and was forced to go short-term disability to seek treatment.

I was referred to a neurologist who diagnosed me with Cluster Headaches also known as  “Suicide Headaches” because the pain is so excruciating sufferers have been known to take their own lives. Doctors said there was no known cure for the condition and that I could only be given pharmaceutical drugs to help “manage” the pain. Three months past and despite the new medication the headaches were still occurring without much relief and to make matters worse I now suffered from the side effects of the drugs which included shortness of breathe, rapid heart rate and the feeling I was being choked!

I sunk deep into depression thinking of how I was going to suffer for the rest of my life. I lashed out on those around me until one day I finally reached my breaking point. I gathered up all of the pills and flushed them down the toilet. I couldn't take it anymore, I knew there had to be a better way. I knew I would have to stop expecting others to solve my problem and I decided to take control of my own health.

From Pain to Passion

I dove head on into researching topics such as optimal health, happiness and longevity. I purchased and read tons of books on health and wellness, I began listening to health podcasts and following the people who I believed to be the healthiest in the world. Throughout my research I discovered these recurring themes: eat whole unprocessed foods, exercise daily, get adequate sleep, meditate and practice gratitude. Could this really be the answer to my years of suffering? I didn’t know for sure, but I had nothing else to lose so I began to implement the principles completely with mind, body and soul.

After a few months of daily green smoothies, long bike rides, outdoor exercise and daily meditation my headaches began to subside and one day there were completely gone. My energy level soared and I was smiling all the time. I was also in the best physical shape since high school. The doctors said it was just a coincidence that the attacks went away, but I knew it was due to my complete lifestyle change.

Everyone around me saw the transformation and they were amazed. Anytime I ran into someone who hadn't seen me in a few months or years, they would ask how I did it. I soon became the go-to person amongst my friends and family for health and fitness advice. On a daily basis I found myself giving out nutrition and fitness tips. I realized how much I enjoyed helping other people take control of their health and decided to make it my life’s work. In the spring of 2015, I started Go Infinite to help others take control of their health, overcome their daily obstacles, and pursue their passions.

Now here's some of the formal education and experiences I have received:

  • Go Infinite Training, Head Coach 2014-Present

  • NASM Certified, 2014-Present

  • American Ninja Warrior 8- Competitor, Indianapolis, Indiana 2016

  • Battle of the Bars 14- Competitor, Chicago, Illinois 2016

  • Gainzville 2 Tournament - Competitor, Staten Island, New York 2016

  • Community Service & Clean-Up, Organizer 2014-Present

  • Ninja Pro Camp 2016, Youth Workshop Instructor

  • Street Sport Calisthenics Level 1 - World Calisthenics Organization, 2018

  • Street Sport Calisthenics Level 2 - World Calisthenics Organization, 2018

  • American Ninja Warrior Season 10 City Finalist - Indianapolis, Indiana 2018

  • MOVE Therapy - Director - Above and Beyond Recovery Center, 2018-Present