Unlock your optimal Being with Marcelino Riley

I truly believe in the power of working with a mentor or coach as it has helped me to completely transform on a physical, mental and emotional level. My goal is not to simply "train" you rather I want help you develop a healthy lifestyle and unlock YOUR optimal being. 

I treat everyone as a unique individual with unique needs. We'll start with a meeting to discuss your goals as this will give us a destination or purpose to guide our training efforts. Once we know where we're going, we'll devise a plan together to get us there. I encourage everyone of my clients to make this a collaborative effort. Tell me your biggest goal no matter how ridiculous and we will attack without the fear of failure.

Marcelino Riley- NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Marcelino Riley- NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Personally, I went from an unfulfilling corporate sales job and being 75lbs overweight to the best shape of my life and  a competitor on American Ninja Warrior in less than 2 years. Read my full story here

Do you like being outdoors? Would you like to swing from a tree and crawl through the grass? Is your goal to be able to do a handstand? 

Together we will get you out of that comfort zone and on the path to great health, happiness and unlocking your optimal being. 

Call: 312-420-5420 or email me at goinfinitetraining@gmail.com to set up your free one-hour assessment and planning session. 

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